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Paul McGann; ooof.


I will buy this and then use it to bludgeon mine enemies to death, as soon as someone lends me $6,000.  Anyone want to lend me $6,000?  I promise I won’t bludgeon you.  Honest.

By MetalCoutureJewelry on etsy.


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I always thought Jon Hamm would be the perfect Superman.

Make it so.

I like the idea of Don Draper being Superman’s alter-ego; grew up on a farm, moved to the big city, secret identity.  It all fits together now!

Plus: Superhamm.  The pun’s too obvious not to be made.



this is what i wore on valentines day, perfect time to wear my arrow tie bar right ?

Definitely! That tie bar is such a wonderful & simple detail placed on an outfit. 

I personally like the combination of narrow lapels and relatively widely knotted scarf; the tie bar and button hole thingy (I don’t know the correct term) I like also.


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Sleepaway Camp 2 t-shirt from fright-rags.  I quite like it.  Some of them are available as posters too.



scratchtastic japanese inventions 

Ooh, I gots to get me one of these.



House of Worth Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Haute Couture

i see this an automatically think…. “CLUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

tron, bitches.

If I could wear something as amazing as this, I would; I wish the best of luck to those who can.


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Oooph, Jennifer Connelly; am I right?  Also, Dark City.



I want this sooooooooo bad.

This would match perfectly all the cephalopod-based furniture I don’t own in the cephalopod-themed room I don’t have in the house I haven’t bought yet.


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i miss him <3

we need an fyeahgeorgecarlin tumblr or somethin’ <3

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The women of Twin Peaks, Rolling Stone 1990

Nixon giving the old Fist Pump; no one could touch him when he was winning.


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Not the kinda t-shirt I’d ever wear, but I do like the design.  Tha’s very niiice.


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I want a moustache pillow; buy me a moustache pillow.